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V2802GWT( 1GE+1FE+WiFi 4+CATV XPON ONT ) is specially designed for different FTTH solutions. The ONT is based on a high-performance chipset (Realtek) technology solution, supporting IEEE802.11b/g/n WIFI technology and other Layer 2/Layer 3 functions, and can provide data services for carrier-grade FTTH applications.

Model: V2802RGWT
UNI: 1 GE + 1 FE+ CATV + WiFi 4
Power Adapter: DC12V 1A
Power Consumption: <=7W

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This is a 1GE+1FE+CATV+WiFi ONT  only, if you need other  for it, please check our product categories.

Please email us for the pricing ! if you would like to read it before placing your order.

300M WiFi 4 CATV ONT 

 XPON Dual Mode | Powerful Firewall | WiFi 4

External 2×5dBi Antena

 IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz | Up to 300Mbps | Wide Coverage

Stronger Function

Easy to Install, Space-saving

Flexible Choice

Meet the Needs of Customers

Hardware Specifications
Net weight0.29Kg
Operating conditionOperating temp: 0 ~ +50°C
 •Operating humidity: 10~90% (non-condensing)
Storing conditionStoring temp: -30 ~ +60°C
 •Storing humidity: 10 ~ 90%  (non-condensing)
Power adapterDC 12V, 1A, external AC-DC power adaptor
Power consumption<=7W
Interfaces1 XPON Port
1 GE + 1 FE + CATV
WiFi4 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
IndicatorsPWR, LOS, REG, GE, FE, WiFi, CATV
Interfaces Parameter
PON interface1XPON port(EPON PX20+ and GPON Class B+)
SC single mode, SC/APC connector
TX optical power: 0+4dBm
RX sensitivity: -27dBm
Overload optical power: -3dBm(EPON) or  -8dBm(GPON)
Transmission distance: 20KM
Wavelength: TX 1310nm, RX1490nm, CATV 1550nm
LAN interface1 x GE, 10/100/1000T RJ45
1 x FE, 10/100T RJ45
WiFi InterfaceIEEE802.11b/g/n (TX power:17dBm/16dBm /15dBm), Up to 300Mbps
2T2R, 5dBi external antenna
Support 13 Channels
CATVRF, optical power : +2~-18dBm
Optical reflection loss: >=45dB
Optical receiving wavelength: 1550±10nm
RF frequency range: 47~1000MHz,  RF output impedance: 75Ω
RF output level and AGC range:
MER: >=32dB(-14dBm optical input), 35(-10dBm)
Product Feature
BasicSupport MPCP discover&register
Support authentication Mac/Loid/Mac+Loid
Support Triple Churning
Support DBA bandwidth
Support auto-detecting, auto-configuration, and auto firmware upgrade
Support SN/Psw/Loid/Loid+Psw authentication
PON ModeXPON Dual Mode , Can access mainstream EPON/GPON OLTs
Uplini ModeBridging and Routing Mode
AlarmSupport Dying Gasp
Support Port Loop Detect
Support Eth Port Los
LANSupport Loop Detection
Support Storm Control
VLAN Support 4K VLAN
Support VLAN Tag/untag
Support VLAN Translation
Support VLAN Bound
Support Auto VLAN Detection 
MulticastSupport IGMPv1/v2, IGMP Snooping
Support MLD
Max Multicast Group 64
QoSSupport 4 queues
Support SP and WRR
Support 802.1P
L3Support DHCP/PPPOE/Static IP, NAT
Support DHCPv6 Server, IPv4/IPv6 Static route
Support IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
WiFiSupport Authentication : WEP/WAP-PSK(TKIP)/WAP2-PSK(AES)
Support multiple SSID and SSID conceal
Support Wireless channel selection
CATVSupport CATV Rmote management
ManagementSupport CTC OAM 2.1 and 3.0
Support ITUT984.x OMCI
Support EMS\WEB\Telnet\CLI and unified network management of VSOL OLT
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